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VD Post-Graduation

Vice-Dean in charge of Post-Graduation, Scientific Research and External Relations

Vice-Dean: Dr Zennir Youcef (MCA)

Missions of the Vice Dean:

  • Follow the progress of post-graduation access competitions;
  • Take or propose the necessary measures to ensure the functioning of post-graduation training;
  • Ensure the progress of thesis defenses and post-graduation theses;
  • Monitor the progress of scientific research activities;
  • Initiate partnership actions with the socio-economic sectors;
  • Initiate actions to energize and strengthen national and international inter-university cooperation;
  • Implement teacher development and retraining programs;
  • Monitor the functioning of the faculty's scientific council and keep its archives.


  • Secretariat: Mefdaoui Nadia
  • Post Graduation Training Monitoring Service: Aieb Fatima
  • Internet cell reponsible : Younes Bouacida Assia
  • Cooperation and External Relations Service: Bouaffar soufiane
  • Traineeship Responsible: Boudakhana Fairouz


Faculty Contacts

 University August 20, 1955, BP 26, El Hadaiek-Skikda Road 21000 - Algeria.


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  +213 38 72 31 29

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