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Portrait of the Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology is the result of the split of the Faculty of Science and Engineering into two faculties: Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering Sciences (December 2008).
The faculty of engineering was then structured into five (05) departments: Computer Science, Electrotechnical, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Process Engineering.
Following the generalisation of the LMD system and the extinction of Engineers and DEUA training, the faculty was renamed Faculty of Technology (September 2010).
It brings together the departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petrochemical & Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Technology. 
The Faculty of Technology comprises two vices Deans and five departments

The vices Doyenats:

-Vice-Dean Responsible for Post-Graduation, Scientific Research and External Relations.

-Vice-Dean Responsible for Studies and Questions related to Students.

  The departments:

-Petrochemistry and Process Engineering.

-Mechanical Engineering.

-Electrical engineering.

- Civil engineering.








Faculty Contacts

 University August 20, 1955, BP 26, El Hadaiek-Skikda Road 21000 - Algeria.


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  +213 38 72 31 29

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